Album out!

Thank you so much @Stahlbude and all the dear people who came and made our release party so very special and memorable!

Buy the album on CD or Vinyl here: rockawaybeach or at your favorite record store near you or online – or stream it from the provider of your choice!

Supported by the city of Thun and Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern





Hard riffings, brutal drum beats and two two characteristic voices that don’t fit any known subgenre – that is Beyond Dystopia. Influenced by the sounds of death, progressive, and modern metal, they offer a powerful and new sound. The contrast between the alternating melodic and rhythmic parts, along with the manifold vocal varieties, are guaranteed to leave an impression in the listener.

Basil (git/voc) and Pascal (drums) used to make music together since their childhood, Sam (bass/voc) has crossed their path only later. In the year 2017, they started this new adventure as a powerful three-piece. Only one year later, in 2018, they released their first four demo tracks and played many Swiss shows. In 2019, they went on a week-long England tour.

In 2020, they started working on their first full length album and booked studio time with David Castillo (Arch Enemy, Sepultura a.m.m.) at Fascination Studios / Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm. In 2022 they could finally release their self titled debut album!


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